Painting app colors live is physically shared on the switch



Create graphics on your Switch with Colors Live and the pressure-sensitive Colors SonarPen!

Color sonar pen connected to switch

Artists will soon be able to add Colors Live to their shelf of physical Switch titles, as they have been confirmed to be out later this year.

Smile Collecting announces Colors’ live release date

The release date has been set for a physical copy of the Colors Live digital sketchbook app for Nintendo Switch! On September 14, you can get one from retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, Target, and Walmart for $ 49.99.

Far more exciting than the beautiful case is the Colors SonarPen. You can plug it into the headphone jack on your Switch and so draw with pressure sensitivity.

Each Colors SonarPen box contains a replacement tip that is very easy to exchange, so that even the most hard-working Colors Live artists can enjoy Colors Live for a long time.

It’s incredible value considering that this bundle is considerably cheaper than most of the paint programs available for portable devices. Colors Live is possibly the dark horse in the race for the best on-the-go programming.

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Colors Live will also be published in the eShop on the same day. While digital download codes have been available on the app’s online store for some time prior to launch, this is definitely the less exciting half of the announcement.

What is colors live?

Colors Live was developed by Swedish developer Collecting Smiles and is the third installment in a line of products called Colors !, a range of digital painting applications for handheld consoles and mobile devices.

In addition to painting on the go, Colors Live has a creative game mode called it Colors Questwhere a little painting is done every day to progress and improve.

The founder of Collecting Smiles, Jens Andersson, launched a Kickstarter on May 13, 2020 to fund the development of Colors Live. At least 150,000 kr (around 18,000 USD) was needed to make the concept a reality.

By the end of the funding period 30 days later, on June 12, the campaign had received over 2,380,000 kr (around 285,000 USD) from 2,254 supporters. Needless to say, not only was the project funded, but it achieved all of its goals.

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The original colors! was released in 2007 as a homebrew app for the Nintendo DS. It would later legitimately be distributed to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. His successor, Colors! 3D was released as an officially licensed app for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012.

And boy was there colors! 3D is incredibly popular and critically acclaimed. By 2o15, the online gallery had submitted over 4 million works of art from its users. IGN, Destructoid, and Nintendo Life have posted their own reviews giving the app a 9/10 rating.

Paint live with paints on the go

See how many artists loved colors! 3D, it would have been a big missed opportunity for Collecting Smiles not to follow on the console, which has brought Nintendo’s total handheld sales to over 500 million.

Colors Live extends the Switch with functions that nobody really expected. This could make buying decisions so much easier for people interested in both games and art: should I get a graphics tablet or a switch? Well, apparently the latter can act as either …

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