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Ishikawa also received a second place in watercolor for “Neighborhood Colors”.

He started painting in high school but studied graphic design with a major in illustration in college to make a better living. But he has been painting a lot since 2016, he said, and is now exhibiting his work across the country.

“The first show I went to was in Pleasanton, the Fresh Arts show at Harrington Gallery,” he recalls. “I thought it would be a good place to show my work.”

Most of his works are landscapes, he said, but he also enjoys creating narratives and still lifes from life.

Linda Garbarino’s “Pleasanton Cattle Drive” received the Judge’s Favorite in the pastel category of fine arts. Garbarino, a Pleasanton artist, said she enjoys participating in the fair competitions.

“What I like best about presenting my works of art at the fair is the opportunity for broad visibility of artist colleagues and art lovers from many cities who will find something in your art that appeals to them,” she explained. “Visitors to the art exhibition often leave wonderful messages to artists about their contributions. And in some cases, visitors like to buy art to enrich their home and life.

“Thankful” by Dublin photographer Vanessa Thomas won first place in the “Alternative Process / Mixed Media Photography” category.

The adult hobby collection was an eclectic mix, ranging from first place winner “Many Faces of Shakespeare” by Phillip Rayher to a simple, fun group of “Bananas in Pajamas”.

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Cattle auction

This year’s Livestock Show will take place from July 5th to 10th, and the 4-H and FAA Livestock Auction will take place on Sunday, July 11th, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Bids could be submitted online or in person at the exhibition center.

The auction brochure or the link to the live auction can be found at



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