Plow, cannon and tower clock are among the offers in the upcoming online sales


If the pandemic had any impact on Irish furniture auctions, it is that it forced the entire industry online. The benefit of the technology required of an industry deeply rooted in live in-room sales was that it opened Irish auction houses to global audiences. Because of this, all Irish furniture and art auctions are now geared towards selling to buyers around the world, so transportation, photos, details and online bidding are now a seamless process.

Hegarty’s of Bandon is to host a live online sale of 300 lots of furniture, art and collectibles tomorrow, Sunday November 21st. The highlights include a fine half-brown folding table in the George III style with crossed decorative strips (500 – 700 €); a Colombian emerald and diamond ring (€ 1,800 – € 2,000) and William Manners, A Hay Gathering scene (€ 1,000 – € 2,000).

Demi-lune folding card table € 500- € 700 Hegarty’s

This coming Saturday November 27th, RJ Keigherys live online sale with over 500 lots has some interesting estate clearings, with some items sourced from Syria, such as: B. antique sphinx head boot scrapers (100 – 200 €). If you’re in the market for old mirrors, the sale has a wide choice, from a smaller gold-plated offering with a bow-top for € 40- € 60 to a giant, ornate, gilded dragon-headed mirror (€ 4,000 – € 6,000). There was a shortage of desks last year due to the pandemic, but this sale includes ten, from a simple teak offering for € 80-100 and a premium Carlton inlaid walnut model (€ 500-800) to an antique French walnut -Desk with matching chair (€ 900 – € 1,200).

Tower clock

Lynes and Lynes of Cork will also go online next Saturday, November 27th. From the Youghal Clock Gate Tower, which was emptied when the last residents left in 1960, there is the rare Mangan of Cork tower clock, which requires some work, but will certainly arouse interest (€ 2,000 – € 3,000). Should you need one, there is an antique cast iron cannon on offer with a range of almost six feet that was originally used in the Roches Point area (€ 1,000 – € 2,000).

A rare cork manganese tower clock from Youghal Clock Gate Tower (€ 2,000-3,000), Lynes and Lynes

A rare cork manganese tower clock from Youghal Clock Gate Tower (€ 2,000-3,000), Lynes and Lynes

Four lots of Eamon de Valera memorabilia, including letters from the prominent Irish statesman to Jenny Dowdall, the Irish politician and philanthropist, as well as a photo collection (20 – 40 euros) and commemorative sheets from Westminster and Dublin (20 euros – 40 euros).

The auction house cleared an old farm near Youghal that produced some interesting items like an early Pierce of Wexford Plow (€ 60-100) and a very old heavy cast iron water trough (€ 200-300). In addition to a selection of old carpets in various sizes, two pairs of doors, including a noble Victorian set (€ 400 – € 600) are listed. Silver includes good Irish Georgian cork and Dublin cutlery, a large Georgian ladle by Richard Sawyer, Dublin 1834 (€ 80-150) and a heavy tray by William Egan (€ 100-200). An antique ship washstand from RMS Celtic (100 – 200 euros) and an old wall telephone (60 – 100 euros) will confuse anyone under 30 years of age.

Lynes and Lynes Sale has a good selection of old silver

Lynes and Lynes Sale has a good selection of old silver

Keep in mind that when buying online it is often cheaper to bid across the room, by email, or by phone to save the added burden of connected web platforms, especially for items with large lots.


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