Private property is set to host Nexus in 2021


The South African real estate industry continues to weather the post-pandemic storm and is making great strides in various market segments. At the center of this stable real estate market are key industry leaders such as Private Property who have always played an important role in connecting industry players and providing a platform through which real estate professionals can learn, connect and work together to thrive in a difficult environment Market. A flagship that has been innovatively and strategically designed to achieve this is Nexus, an event for connecting and networking real estate, which will take place Monday through Thursday from March 15 to 18, 2021.

Nexus is a series of exclusive and interactive online events hosted by Private Property in partnership with Absa, the leading South African banking company. The event will bring real estate professionals from across the industry together to explore the latest national and regional trends and insights in the real estate market, participate in live surveys and Q&A sessions, and explore unique growth opportunities in the current market.

At the beginning of each session Absa will give valuable insights into real estate from a national and regional market perspective as well as interesting statistics on applying for home loans, current trends in customer behavior after a pandemic and possible market opportunities.

Jan Davel, CEO of PayProp, and Johette Smuts, Head of Data & Analytics, will then explain how the average rent, inflation and arrears have shifted in 2020. The future of the rental sector is also examined, including how the Real Estate Practitioners Act could affect landlord payments if regulations are enacted.

Carl Van Den Berg, Business Development Executive for Private Property, will then take the stage to explain the future of the Private Property brand and give an insight into what a real industrial partnership could look like in the future: technology-based and empowered by people, but always with a view to customer needs.

This is an event not to be missed. Registration is quick, easy and FREE. Register and collect valuable CPD points for participating.

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