Refine your artistic skills on World Art Day with Skillshare

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Refine your artistic skills on World Art Day with Skillshare

Released April 16, 2022

Art fosters creativity, innovation and diversity around the world, encouraging curiosity and dialogue. In the spirit of celebrating self-expression and putting the spotlight on talented artists from around the world, the International Association of Art (IAA), in cooperation with UNESCO, has declared April 15, 2012 as World Art Day.

Fine arts in the truest sense of the word refers to creating art for art’s sake – with no functional value. Traditionally, the term “fine arts” has been applied to painting, sculpture, architectural design, music and poetry. However, contemporary visual arts have evolved to embrace photography, literature, dance, design, filmmaking and more to encourage diverse forms of artistic expression.

The fine arts have also been an important part of Indian cultural heritage, from carvings in stone walls, religious sites, various forms of dance (Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, among others), classical music styles, handcrafted wood and stone sculptures, and fabric arts such as Chikankari, Zardosi and Phulkari, to name but a few just to name a few.

Across the world, people’s love of art has grown more than ever in recent years, with people turning to artistic careers or rekindling their love of an art form. A recent report by Skillshare, the world’s largest online community for creatives, showed that 63% of its users from India were taking classes in various visual art forms in 2021.

Many explore creative opportunities as a hobby, passion or career-based step, and in celebration of World Art Day, below are some of the leading Indian creators on Skillshare that can encourage artistic pursuits and expand one’s artistic skills.

1. Learn fabric and glass painting with Rekha Krishnamurthy

Through several quick and easy to follow courses, Rekha explores fabric painting techniques such as choosing fabric, tracing the design, choosing the right colour, embellishing the design and methods of setting the work.

Rekha also has an extensive stained glass course in which she uses high viscosity acrylic paints and relief outlines to transform used wine bottles into decorative pieces.

As a veteran textile artist, printmaker, surface pattern designer and entrepreneur, Rekha places a strong emphasis in her courses on turning art into a business venture. She wants to inspire her students to use their creative skills to advance their careers.

2. Learn the basics of Indian music with Ritu Agarwal

Having performed with artists such as AR Rahman, Shaan and 2 million followers on YouTube, Ritu teaches the theoretical and practical aspects of singing in his Hindustani Music and Bollywood Pop courses.

Although he is a Visharad and trained singer in Indian classical music, Rite’s courses are suitable for everyone; from beginners to trained singers who want to brush up on their notation. Ritu also offers project-based music theory learning experiences from Raagas to help her students understand the intricacies of each note.

3. Learn clay carving with Mandar Marathe

Handmade clay sculpture is one of the earliest art forms and is a major contributor to the Indian handicraft sector. Mandar aims to make this art form accessible and easy to learn through a series of courses ranging from the basics of clay sculpting to intricate details using specialized tools.

Mandar’s students range from budding/experienced potters and sculptors to those who wish to learn this skill out of curiosity and interest. The visual artist, sculptor, illustrator and designer encourages his students to follow their passions and believes it’s never too late to change careers.

Mandar also offers courses in sketching, landscape painting, patterning, digital illustration and more on Skillshare.

4. Learn poetry with Pranjulaa Singh

With support for rhyming words, expressionism, creative writing, mind mapping, fast writing and more, Pranjulaa’s courses aim to turn anyone into a poet. In addition to writing poetry, Pranjulaa also shares tools and tips for performing poetry in her classes.

Pranjulaa also teaches the art of using words with projects like writing short haikus/poems for social media and building sentences step by step. As a published poet and writer, Pranjulaa believes her students only need a pen and paper to get started.

Skillshare hosts a variety of artistic skills courses taught by influencers and seasoned professionals with the aim of nurturing India’s evolving creative landscape. Classes from the above developers and many others can be found on Skillshare’s platform.


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