Saffronart’s summer online auction allows you to own a masterpiece of Indian art


The best 20th Century Indian art is always in demand. Whether for aesthetic reasons or for investment purposes, collectors buy and bid forright classic Indian artworks with enthusiasm. Recognizing this interest, Saffronart, one of India’s leading auction houses, returns with its annual Summer Online Auction, which will feature 109 works by some of the biggest names in the modern and contemporary South Asian art world. However, this edition of the auction is not just about the sale of remarkable works of art. It’s about buying masterpieces– Think of some of the most significant works of legends like SH Raza, FN Souza, Jehangir Sabavala, Akbar Padamsee, Ram Kumar and MF Husain.

Iconic artworks for sale

Many of these works of art were created at key periods in the lives of these respected artists. For example, the headliner for the auction, which runs for 24 hours between June 22nd and 23rd, is Raza Congocreated in 1965. The famous painting, which emphasizes the artist’s swirling strokes, radiant tones and movements, represents a period of transformation in the artist’s style, during which he focused more on evoking emotions through his work than on its physical attributes perfect.

souzas landscape, a rare 1962 oil on canvas up for auction for the first time, comes from a most fertile period in the prolific modernist’s colorful journey. It is believed that Souza began creating more landscapes after moving to England in 1949, with this particular work of art making a somber statement with its rather haunting cityscape, washed-out sky, disjointed network of buildings and a juxtaposition of stillness and represents volatility.

“These works represent significant milestones in the artists’ distinctive careers and have exceptional provenances, making them a great opportunity for anyone wishing to own a masterpiece,” said Dinesh Vazirani, CEO and co-founder of Saffronart.


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