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  • San Pedro plans to create a prominent archway sign above Sixth Street on Harbor Boulevard to promote the shops, restaurants, galleries and entertainment in the historic downtown area. Several examples serve as inspiration for a design, including signs in San Diego, San Jose, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach. (Photo by Mark Eades, Orange County Register)

  • King Harbor in Redondo Beach, the giant port sign on the Pacific Coast Highway. (File photo by Scott Varley)

  • Santa Monica and Pier Thursday July 2, 2020. The historic sign is believed to be the inspiration for San Pedro. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News / SCNG)

Downtown San Pedro – filled with restaurants, art galleries, historic buildings, and a 1930s Art Deco theater – is just a few blocks from the boardwalk.

But many people passing through would never know.

As you drive down Harbor Boulevard, your gaze is drawn to the main shipping canal of the Port of Los Angeles and its traffic – stacked containers on giant ships and luxury cruise lines.

Most of the view from Harbor Boulevard is blocked as it passes through the main downtown corridors, Sixth and Seventh Streets.

But there is a way to fix it, said Eric Eisenberg and his colleagues in the San Pedro Business Improvement District.

A sign.

A gate sign that arches from north to south over and above Sixth Street where it connects to Harbor Boulevard.

Think of neon. And an artistic brand design that is unique for San Pedro and reflects the offerings of the corridor.

The proposal is not new.

The idea has been around for at least a decade, but it has fallen by the wayside. Now the PBID will consider some specific design ideas in the committee, which will likely enlist the help of a professional advisor, Eisenberg said.

The plan calls for some preparation in time for the opening of the West Harbor waterfront development project – provisionally, probably at the end of 2022.

“It will be something of beauty and convey a sense of pride,” said Eisenberg. “Maybe there is space for banners on the sides of the archway” to advertise various events. “We want a beautiful sign that represents the historic community of our inner city.”

It’s also the best way to connect downtown and the emerging new waterfront as a cohesive venue, he said.

“We can’t bring the waterfront to the city center, so this brings the city center to the waterfront,” Eisenberg said.

The cost is expected to be between $ 60,000 and $ 100,000, and the shield will likely require massive girders to anchor 10 to 15 feet underground to protect against the strong wind conditions in the area.

The idea is to convey San Pedro and its history. It could also include a nod to the new Little Italy district, Eisenberg said.

Inspiration isn’t hard to find, from the domed signs in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego to the Little Italy Archway in San Jose. Near the house are the historic neon signs that mark the piers of Santa Monica and Redondo Beach.

Conceptual renderings for positioning and measuring have already been created.

“This is the icing on the cake we were looking for,” said Eisenberg at the PBID meeting on August 3, when the topic was on the agenda. “We’ve been trying to put up memorial signs for a while, but we really didn’t have a ‘there’ to advertise.

Now that the upcoming waterfront and other projects are getting underway, the timing is good, he said.

“We have to bring the city center to the waterfront, and we can do that with a nice sign,” he said. “There is a need to let people know what is over Harbor Boulevard.”

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