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By Jenny Guido

Today we finish our shopping on Main Street. There are three more blocks with three shops to visit. After marathoning the 400th block of the street last month, it’s nice to settle down for one last visit before you give up on Franklin.

Conde Contemporary, 334 Main Street

It’s obvious that Main Street has its fair share of art galleries, and this addition to the Strip is unique in the city. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Stacy and Andres Conde, Conde Contemporary showcases modern and realistic art forms.

Fortunately, the opening of Conde Contemporary was accelerated by COVID, bringing the Condes to Natchez from South Florida a little earlier than planned. And Natchez welcomed them with open arms.

From gallery exhibitions in recent years that have showcased local and visiting artists alike, to installations by Allumer Natchez, the Condes have captivated the Natchez community and left their unique artistic footprint on more than just Main Street.

Visit the gallery and follow upcoming projects they are working on on Facebook.

Magnolia Mariée Bridal Boutique, 200 Main Street

Originally located on Franklin Street, Magnolia Mariee moved to Main Street a few years ago and found the perfect home on the corner of Main and Canal Streets in the old Molasses Flats building.

Walking through the door is an experience as you are greeted with the beautiful dresses and accessories that complete every bride’s day. Don’t worry! You have exactly what the groom needs with a tuxedo selection to die for.

I’ve been to quite a few weddings over the past few years and working with them to choose the right bridesmaid dress was a breeze. Personally, I see no need for anyone to travel from Natchez to find a wedding dress, maternity dress, flower girl ensemble, and more. Magnolia Mariee has exactly what you need.

Hallelujah Wine & Spirits, 100 Main Street

This is perhaps one of my favorite downtown additions over the past year. Hallelujah Wine & Spirits is the perfect stop to end our Main Street adventure.

The wine selection kept me combing the aisles for hours. I always have the feeling that there is still a new and delicious bottle of red wine to discover and the guys behind the counter can always pick exactly the ones for me to take home.

Don’t get me started with the store’s design and decor that screams a “cathedral of wine”. Every detail has been thought through, planned and delivered to perfection. There’s even a wine cooler at the checkout that looks terrifyingly like a baptismal font.

I won’t lie, when I opened my Christmas stocking to find a Hallelujah gift certificate this year, I was extremely proud of Mrs. Clause and her journey through downtown Natchez.


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