Stayner initiative beautifies community garden with painted fence


A community garden in Stayner, Ontario. brings color to the area through love of art.

As part of the Friends of the Clearview EcoPark’s latest project, 100 pickets were painted by local students to create a beautiful fence surrounding the garden.

The project was created by Lisa Howarth, a member of the local group, who says it brightens the community while protecting the space.

“As we finished our first year in the garden last year, we looked for ways to attract multiple generations to the garden,” said Howarth, a community garden volunteer.

“We brainstormed a bit and thought we’d start a picket project.”

Howarth is a retired teacher and has previously done so with some of her students.

“We started the project on Earth Day here at the EcoPark, the community garden, and had 100 elementary and high school students paint a picket,” Howarth said.

“And installed them along the entire fence. Ultimately our goal is to embrace the whole garden and it will be an ongoing project.”

Pickets are sold at the Music, Market and Park It Farmers’ Markets in Stayner’s Station Park throughout the summer.

“We are making these pickets available for the public to paint for a $5 donation to cover our costs,” Howarth said.

“We have all the supplies and colors, and you can paint it right at the market. We will paint them and attach them to the fence.”

Music, market and park The farmer’s market takes place every Thursday.

Some of the food grown in the community garden is used for the Garden Harvest Party – an annual event that started last year.


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