Targeted posters, SAD paints walls: The Tribune India


Faridkot, September 14th

Faced with resistance to entry into rural areas for election campaigns and the frequent damage to its billboards, SAD is pursuing its election agenda with a new strategy. It has hired many local artists for murals and writings.

Previously, party leaders had started sticking posters and installing flexboards to showcase the party leaders’ photos and election promises in the rural belt. However, most of these posters and flexboards have been damaged or removed.

Now the party leaders have started the campaign with large murals and writings. These are made with paint, ink and other materials on the house walls by Akali workers and supporters in villages. The walls of rooms built in fields near the tube wells, along the federal highway, state roads, and connecting roads are also used to display candidate photos, election promises, and party symbols. “Since even small-format pictures and writings on the wall can be defaced, we decided on a large-format display. Since these are drawn on personal property, they are less likely to be defaced by our opponents, ”said a senior Akali leader in the area.

“The making of murals on public land violates the orders of the election commission. In addition, these writings can invite resistance from members of the farmers’ union and our opponents. So we chose the properties of our party workers and supporters, ”said the chairman. – TNS

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