The 2022 Armory Show brought out the magic


This year’s Armory Show brought together art galleries from around the world to showcase their artists September 9-11 at the Javits Center.

Some well-known pieces were on display:

  • Trenton Doyle Hancock’s Mound #1, The Color Crop Experience (2018) exhibited by the James Cohan Gallery is a massive metal, fiberglass and carpet exhibition of a mythological figure that has attracted children and even adults. Viewers could enter the character through a tent flap and experience an animated video inside.

María Magdalena Campos-Pons had “Secrets of the Magnolia Trees Deb Luminosity, 2022” exhibited by Galerie Wendi Norris. The mixed media piece features a middle-aged black woman draped in a quilt-like jacket filled with archival photographic prints. Campos-Pons centers the presence of black femininity in this large-scale watercolor and gouache piece, in which the central figure is shown with a weary smile, but is surrounded by photographs of black ancestors.

And at the Inman Gallery in Houston, Texas, was Jamal Cyrus’ wonderful “Freedom’s Dream Book, 2022,” a piece made of denim, cotton thread, and cotton batting that reflects the ancient tradition of playing the numbers – or making bets – on the numbers, you’ve dreamed of – as a way to take control of your future.


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