The ‘art dealer’ is auctioning works worth millions


Photo: Courtesy Sara Friedlander

Sara Friedlander always knew that she wanted to work with art. “When I realized that my obsession with art and objects could lead to a real career, I never looked back,” she told the Cut.

In graduate school she studied furniture and decorative arts and thought she might work for a carpenter in London. But they have never moved furniture like contemporary art. Today she is vice chairman of post-war and contemporary art at Christie’s, an international auction house that spans more than 80 art and luxury categories at prices ranging from $ 200 million to over $ 100 million. Friedlander sees herself as an “art dealer” whose mission is “to connect great people with great works of art and to upgrade the markets of historically undervalued artists”.

We spoke to Friedlander about multi-million dollar art, her favorite art books, and clogs.

Photo: Courtesy Christie’s

Which work from a collection you recently curated is particularly important to you?
In November, Christie’s achieved a world record price for a wall construction [pictured above] by Lee Bontecou, ​​a pioneer figure in the New York scene of the 1950s and 1960s who, through her radical use of materials, physically challenged what sculpture and painting could be. It sold to a private collector for just over $ 9 million, breaking their previous world record that we set over 11 years ago.

How do you thank someone for a gift?
With a handwritten thank you from Dear Annabelle.

What would you never wear

What is your dream vacation?
I travel so much that the dream is to be home. And when New York City is home, I’m not sure it makes sense to go anywhere else. But I’m always happy in Tel Aviv.

What’s a good book on your coffee table right now?
Hurvin Anderson’s new monograph, The Tarot by Lenora Carrington, Jenna Gribbon’s new monograph, Lee Lozano: Drawings 1958-64, Bob Thompson: This house is mine, African American Narrative Art and Identity, Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting, Alice Neel: A dedicated eye, and a pile of others that I should probably move around so they don’t fall over on my young children.

Did you see the last broadcast?
Impeachment: American Criminal History.

What is your owed pleasure
Sour candy, jelly beans, and some things just shouldn’t be said new York magazine.

The secret to a good party?
People always appreciate fabric cocktail napkins and Russ & Daughters smoked fish.

Which trend do you like right now?

One you don’t understand
What do you carry in a micro wallet?

Favorite restaurant in New York?

What could you eat every day for the rest of your life?
A bagel from Absolute Bagels.

Which shoes do you wear the most?
Constipation. I switch between a pair of leopard-print pony hair from Rachel Comey and a black leather pair with silver studs from Hermès.

What are four inanimate objects that give you pleasure?

“Discovered on a trip to Berlin, this bubble bath is absolute heaven. And considering that I do some of my best work in the bathroom, it’s a necessary daily drink. “

“Emily Bode and her entire team are basically brilliant creative magicians who make all of my upscale bohemian / quilt-inspired dreams come true.”

“Art books are my fantasy art collection, and I’m a hamster of the worst kind. I buy doppelgangers, keep a lot of them shrink-wrapped, and if I don’t have something, I lose a mini panic attack and immediately go to Ursus, my personal treasure trove. “

“When in London I visit Duro’s perfect shop – gallery – cabinet of curiosities. His latest collaboration for Soane lets me reupholster my entire apartment. “


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