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Sammy Burman has run art galleries on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and in La Jolla, California, but when she was called to return home she brought that experience with her and not only revitalized the artist gallery, but helped it thrive.

Originally from Cañon City, Burman returned to the area in 1995 to take care of her father and run his security deposit business.

She stopped by the artist gallery on a Friday night but was confused to see so many sad faces.

“They said they would close and lock the doors the next morning because they couldn’t do it,” said Burman. “One of the owners asked if I would like to buy it and I said, ‘Sure!'”

On July 1, 2011, she signed the papers to take over the business and officially opened three days later with around 15 artists.

“I’ve changed everything completely,” said Burman. “(The previous owners) worked really hard to get this established. You’ve been through all of these growing pains. “

She transformed it from a cop-op to a single-owner gallery and today showcases the artwork of more than 50 to 60 talented local artists.

This month, The Artists’ Gallery at 416 Main St. is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Like many young people, Burman quickly left town after graduating. She was a college art and economics student, but she wasn’t an artist.

“One of my art teachers immediately let me know that I should be highlighting the business,” she said. “That, as it turned out from experience, is my strength. It is real and true. “

Eventually she owned galleries in Carmel and Monterey, California, and ran an art gallery owned by Burt Reynolds and Micahel Wayne, son of the legendary John Wayne, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

New owner saves Artists Gallery from closing

When she returned to Cañon City, she found she was enjoying the pace here.

“I’ve discovered that Cañon City is really a wonderful place to live,” she said. “It wasn’t the same city as when I was a teenager, and I’m not the same person.”

She also remembered how the vendors on Main Street had helped her when she was growing up. Her mother owned a store on Main Street and her father ran a gas station.

“I owe Cañon City,” she said. “I really and truly owe Cañon City a wonderful childhood, and I thought this will give me a chance to give back.”

Thanks to their artist members, patrons and other community members, Burman was able to keep the doors open after the COVID pandemic when so many other stores had to close.

They helped pay the rent, buy gift certificates, and even gave their stimulus checks to the gallery.

“That’s Cañon City in my head,” said Burman. “It’s not New York City, it’s not LA, this is a very special city to support (the gallery).”

The artist gallery has home exhibits, courses, and items for purchase, including wall art, jewelry, cards, ceramics, and more.

Burman’s plans for the future include keeping classes going and being able to show the “most beautiful art in Colorado”.

“Our people are real people, they are talented people, they are fun people,” she said. “I’m just so lucky.”

The artist gallery is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The events on the first Friday take place every first Friday of the month from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, call 719-345-4070 or visit their Facebook page at



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