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Opportunities ”by Bill Sortino. Courtesy / SFCC

SFCC news:

SANTA FE – Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) Fine art gallery presents the exhibition “Paintings and Poetry: The Center Cannot Hold”, which will open on Thursday, January 27th, 5-7pm.

The exhibition shows the work of the artists Jane Shoenfeld and Bill Sortino.

The two different contemporary artists will present an exhibition of paintings steeped in a deep connection with poetry.

“This is such an exciting exhibition and one that resonates with artists and poets alike,” said Linda Cassel, director of the Visual Arts Gallery. “Although the artists are very different, they are both so gifted and committed to immersing themselves in the entire artistic process of painting and writing poetry.”

A workshop “Poems from Paintings” with the poet Donald Levering is planned in connection with the exhibition Friday, February 11th, 1pm – 4pm at the SFCC Visual Arts Gallery on the main campus of the SFCC, 6401 Richards Avenue. Participants in this workshop will write poems based on the paintings in this exhibition.

For many years Shoenfeld’s pastel paintings were inspired by the poems of WB Yeats. In the past few years, her pictures have reacted to her own poetry. Sortino began exploring the concept of ekphrasis by fusing his love of painting with his own poetry.

Jane Shoenfeld artist statement:

“For several years I created art in response to lines from Yeats’s 1919 poem The Second Coming. Read aloud, his poem is a visionary evocation. Singing his sentences while painting, I conjure up both the collective and my own unconscious. Unfortunately, Yeats’s dark and symbolic vision remains relevant as we face a pandemic and climate change. I continue to create visual art as a reaction to his dark visions, to my own dreams, my own poetry and the wonderful energy of nature, where wind blows, water flows, space is animated and nothing is empty. “

“I was invited to show this work in the SFCC for the first time in 2019. Since then, the exhibition has developed into a collaboration between Bill Sortino and me. We both bring worlds of images and images to life in words. I have also made a book of my poems, along with pictures that will be available in this exhibition. “

Bill Sortino artist statement:

“I have lived in Santa Fe since 1982 and have absorbed this high desert land that I now call my home. This sacred soil that touches the soul is why artists have cherished New Mexico for so long. Recently I added my poetry to my pictures, which gives an extra glimpse into my creativity and an alternative way of looking at work. This process is called “Ekphrasis”. For me, poetry sits at the same table with non-representational art and jazz. Each is an expression of the integral space of our being, which enables the acceptance of the various spatial dimensions and the realization that concepts of a merely three-dimensional relationship to time are not only our body, but also the infinite unity with our soul! “

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the Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the SFCC’s main campus, 6401 Richards Avenue. Everyone is cordially invited to visit the gallery.

Special note: SFCC COVID visitors in campus logs require all visitors to wear a mask and maintain social distance. For more information about the gallery, please contact SFCC Director of Art on Campus Linda Cassel at [email protected] or 505.428.1501.

“The center cannot hold” by Jane Shoenfeld (in response to the phrase from ‘The Second Coming’, WB Yeats) Pastel on tinted, sanded paper, 28 1/8 “X 20 1/8”. Courtesy / SFCC


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