The Grantville Cargo Depot is dropped from the production of “The Color Purple”.


Jeffrey Cullen-Dean / The Newnan Times-Herald

Travell Blake requests that the City of Grantville’s freight depot be repainted for the production of The Color Purple musical remake.

The Grantville Cargo Depot is being redesigned.

The production crew for the musical remake of The Color Purple requested that the city’s freight yard be repainted from its current white paintwork to brick red for their filming.

Though the city council couldn’t vote at its March 14 working session, city manager Al Grieshaber said if the council reached consensus at the meeting, the production crew could prepare to initiate the paint change or deposit money to repaint the city building .

According to Grieshaber, Kyle Campbell of Preservation South, who oversees the painting of the city’s historic buildings, would oversee the painting.

Councilor Jim Sells said he didn’t want the city’s Historic Preservation Commission to be left out of the decision, but none of the HPC members were present at the meeting.

With Campbell’s supervision, Sells said he was comfortable with the painting and spoke out in favor of it.

“I don’t want the HPC to be ignored, but we have a historian (supervising) and I support the request,” he said.

Councilor Ruby Hines spoke in favor of the repaint, as did Councilor Casey Evans, subject to Campbell’s oversight.


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