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From Naomy Snider

HENDERSON – There are many amazing art galleries out there, but Friesen Art Gallery captures “the good life” and the American border like no other. This well-known art gallery in Henderson amazed visitors and community members during Henderson Community Days.

Growing up in Henderson, the artist and owner of the gallery Vern Friesen has played many roles in his life besides painting. When he was young he grew up on a farm where he was interested in wildlife, cattle, nature and horses.

Friesen said, “When I was little we had horses and my brothers and I went to amateur rodeos. We competed for about 20 years. ”When he wasn’t showing horses in the ring, he sketched and painted horses with vibrant color palettes.

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Friesen graduated from Chadron State College with a bachelor’s degree in art. “Art is my life, that’s what I do. If you are born with this creativity, you have the choice whether to use it or not, ”says Friesen.

Friesen has been shaping, modeling and painting western beauty for years. Friesen is best known for his bronze work from silicone molds, wax and pieces of bronze. He also uses his own wood from his farm as part of his artistic work. When asked how long it takes to sculpt and paint, he said he wasn’t counting on the time, he was just enjoying the process. His all-time favorite piece of art is a bronze piece called “Hell to Watch” that depicts his days of abseiling. He made it through the pandemic when he had time to fill in the smallest details.



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