The mural in the Arts District that was painted over for promotional purposes has been restored


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – A reminder of downtown’s artistic culture has been restored.

FOX5 was there when a pressure washer turned on its pump to undo what many saw as a major insult to the inner city community.

The whitewash was done to erase a mural by artist Xavi Panneton.

The intention was to rent out the space to advertise other businesses in the area, but it didn’t go down well with many people.

“It brought people to the Arts District, we covered up such an iconic masterpiece of art with an ad, it just breaks my heart. It’s hurting our community,” said Lauren Taylor, a business owner in the area.

The municipality already sees itself under pressure to move due to higher rents and new buildings.

“Obviously the community wasn’t very happy about that and I could see why, it’s a pretty nice mural so I have no problem taking that white off and exposing it,” said Jonathan, a pressure washer.

It became a special place for the people around.

“The manager I work for got married in front of this mural. It means a lot to the community, the community has spoken out and I think they know that,” said Justin Dluhy, who works downtown.

We don’t know why the owner of the building changed his mind.

A law called the Visual Artists Rights Act protects public art from mutilation. The artist hopes this will help inspire collaborations between business owners and artists to have original artwork downtown.


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