The Universal Hip Hop Museum is auctioning a collection of NFT hip-hop icons


The blockchain platform NEAR Protocol announced on Saturday (June 19) that it had started an auction with over 100 NFTs especially for hip-hop heads.

The new collection is a collaboration with the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Ed Young, the co-founder of The source magazine, and illustrator André LeRoy Davis.

The collection is titled “A Love Letter to Hip Hop” and according to the NEAR website, each non-fungible token will be an illustration that exists as a collection of 47 to represent the 47 years of the hip-hop era. Old-school artwork from icons like the Fat Boys, RUN DMC, Rakim and Ice-T are included in the bundle, in addition to newer artists like Missy Elliott, Eve, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Many of the older rap artist pictures seem straight from the pages of The source’s “The Last Word” section that Davis directed during his time on publication.

A portion of the NFT proceeds will be donated to the Universal Hip Hop Museum to help build an original crypto art collection. The featured artist or artist’s estate on multiple of the NFTs can also redeem cash if they choose to. Davis and Young decided to split the donations to “show the unique power and potential of NFTs to help creatives and their estate in ways never before possible,” explains the NEAR website.

“This marketplace highlights some of NEAR’s best features: end-user accessibility, a familiar Web2-like user experience, inexpensive and easy NFT minting, and on-chain royalties that guarantee creators lasting revenue,” said NEAR spokeswoman Agatha Szczepaniak towards CoinDesk.

NFTs will be auctioned daily through July 24th on the NEAR “A Love Letter to Hip Hop” website. In order to get their hands on these exclusive NFTs, NEAR would like bidders to claim one of its wallets and connect it to the marketplace application. Buyers can bid on any item with marketplace credits that can be purchased directly on the website with a credit card.


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