Top 5 art exhibitions in London in January


Tabish Khan of @LondonArtCritic picks his favorite exhibitions to see this month. Each one comes with a brief review to help you decide if they are an option for you. Those looking for more shows should check out last week’s top 5 with all but one open.

Frans Hals: The Male Portrait @ Wallace Collection
Frans Hals was an exceptional Dutch portrait painter, as this fantastic collection of male portraits shows. His most famous work is arguably what is known as The Laughing Cavalier, but this exhibit includes several works of the same high standard and his later works where the brushwork became looser as his style developed. Until January 31st, ticket.

At Peace @ Gillian Jason Gallery
This new gallery space opens with a powerful exhibition of five black female artists, curated by Jade Foster, all of whom work in figurative art. Most noticeable to me were the works of Miranda Forrester, who incorporate the idea of ​​the transparency of the black female form into both the works and the transparent surfaces of her pieces, and Emma Prempeh’s figures, which appear as if from a blurred memory. Until January 30th.

Candida Hofer: Libraries, museums and a theater @ Ben Brown Fine Arts
The large-format photographs by Candida Hofer are sensational images, be it the galleries of the Louvre, which seem to extend forever, or magnificent libraries and a theater. She has an eye for beautiful buildings and the details of all of these pictures are superb. I have seen several series of their work and they are always amazing. Until January 28th.

Rock Paper Scissors @ Fold Gallery
This two-person show brings together two artists who use and manipulate paper as a medium. While both of them carefully put their works together, they seem completely different to me – Jo Hummel’s layered rectangular works have a calming effect, while Ellen Hyllemose’s ribbons of paper are delicate but have a chaotic energy. That’s probably why the contrasting effects go well together. Until January 29th.

Chris Rivers: Odyssey @ Pontone Gallery
These colorful abstract paintings are aesthetically beautiful works, and the addition of an astronaut soaring through them makes him or her feel like he or she is as lost in these worlds as we are. The meeting of the different inspirations of impressionism and science fiction has a fascinating effect. Until January 23.

Frans Hals Image © Trustees of the Wallace Collection, London. Still photo: David Parry, courtesy of Gillian Jason Gallery. All other images copyright artist and gallery.




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