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Culture score calculated by 1. Venice 2. Miami 3. Florence 4. Vienna 5. San Francisco 6. Kyoto 7.Santa Fe 8. Seattle 9. Berlin 10. Milan

Art galleries per million population

1. Santa Fe 2nd Venice 3rd Miami 4th Kyoto 5th San Francisco 6th Florence 7th Seattle 8th Washington DC 9th Jerusalem 10th Milan

Number of art galleries

1. Tokyo — 480 2. London — 237 3. Istanbul — 235 4. New York City — 212 5. Paris — 187 6. Santa Fe — 151 7. Venice — 117 8. Kyoto — 116 9. Berlin — 100 10. Milan — 99

It has long been well known that Santa Fe has the second most art galleries in the country after New York City.

What is not widely known is that Santa Fe appears to have the sixth most art galleries in the world after Tokyo, London, Istanbul, New York City and Paris. At least among the 40 global “arty areas” analyzed by the UK-based company to produce a cultural score and ranking among these cities.

Tourism Santa Fe regularly touts the creed of “second most art galleries” to promote the city.

“It’s always rewarding to find a third party to validate that,” said Randy Randall, executive director of Tourism Santa Fe. “What I found amazing was that this is an analysis from the UK. It also states that we are the sixth strongest art market in the world, which we never said – but we will.”, an online financial products comparison service, published Arty Areas in October and Travel + Leisure published an online article on 3 January based on research.

Santa Fe, by far the smallest of the 40 cities, was ranked #1 in the world in two of the seven categories measured to create an overall culture score: art galleries per million people and museums per million Resident .

The other categories were architecturally notable buildings; art and design universities; monuments and statues; search for street art; and street art Instagram posts. ranked each category based on sheer numbers (151 art galleries in Santa Fe, according to the report) and ratios per million residents.

Santa Fe ranked 7th overall for culture, along with Venice, Miami, Florence, Vienna, San Francisco and Kyoto, with Seattle, Berlin and Milan right behind City Different.

“Overall, US cities dominated the rankings, with San Francisco (#5), Santa Fe (#7), and Seattle (#8) also ranking in the top 8 best cities for arts and culture lovers.” Travel + Leisure written down.

Regardless of the popularity of a visitor destination, with so many tourism magnets around the world, free advertising is always valued to keep a place in people’s minds, Randall said.

“I think it plays an important role in bringing people here and reminding people who have been here what an amazing destination Santa Fe is,” he said.

Art is Santa Fe’s premier virtual player with online sales, although the pandemic has brought the Santa Fe Indian Market and International Folk Art Market into the online game, and even performing arts groups have added digital content.

“A lot of people buy art without even coming here,” Randall said. “[The Arty Areas report and Travel + Leisure] are good for consciousness. It’s also very important to let people know that there’s a big market here that they should look at, whether virtually or in person.”

Warren Keating, director of Vivo Contemporary Gallery, said that only about 10 to 20 percent of the gallery’s business is online so far. He’s less enthusiastic about foreign company rankings, but he recognizes the value of any media attention.

“It’s definitely important,” Keating said. “There is no question that Santa Fe is a big player. [But] There are still many people who don’t know Santa Fe or have misconceptions about Santa Fe.”

It seems that the pandemic has been the best marketing tool ever for Vivo.

“The last year or so has been absolutely incredible,” Keating said. “We definitely had our best year in 18 years by far.”


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