Uncanny Valley Launches Month of Silent Auctions to Benefit Veterans Art Center | art



For the rest of the month, when you step into the Uncanny Art Gallery on Main Street in Grand Junction, you are greeted by five paintings by Rebecca Dierickx, each including a silent auction offer.

Dierickx is an acclaimed Midwestern artist whose work has been accepted in national and regional judged exhibitions across the country.

She’s also a former intensive care nurse for four years with the United States Army Nurse Corps, now home to Colorado’s Western Slope, and all dollars of her five paintings go to Operation Revamp Veterans Art Center in Grand Junction.

Friday night, Uncanny Valley hosted its annual Beneath The Camo art exhibit, which opened a month-long silent auction for Dierickx’s paintings, as well as other artwork donated by members of the gallery.

When the exhibition started, bids on one of her paintings started at $ 1,500. The other four started at $ 100.

“We’re trying to do a little good,” said Uncanny Valley owner Matt Goss. “We’re kind of the weirdos on the block, so we’re happy to pay it back a little if we can.”

In 2010, Wendy Hoffman founded Operation Revamp. A few years later, Uncanny Valley was founded and the two organizations formed an artistic alliance.

“I know (Goss) really wanted to support the Veterans Art Center, so we were down and had a television set up and showing slides of all of our works of art in the studio and the projects and things of the various veterans from our events, and he kept posting, ”said Hoffman. “Then he said he wanted to do a fundraiser. We did them in different ways. For the past two years it has been a silent auction that has worked out very well for us. “

Operation Revamp has no staff but relies on volunteers to help in the military veterans’ efforts to be creative and showcase their creations.

“It gives the veterans in the area a single point of contact that is not affiliated with the government,” said Dave Wadsworth, an Operation Revamp volunteer. “We are not a government organization. We’re just veterans shaking hands with each other. “

Operation Revamp was looking for a new, larger facility for its artists that would offer more space for meetings and exhibitions. Beneath the Camo began as a means of raising money for a new building while raising public awareness of the organization.

After the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business closings hit the United States, its problems have only worsened.

“Right now this (event) is really big for us,” Hoffman said. “With all of the closings, the Veterans Art Center is really suffering. We missed a lot of scholarships with the city because we don’t have any staff. They are all volunteers, and a lot of these scholarships want you to send them your payroll and we don’t have any, so we don’t qualify for scholarships. Funding has gone down a lot. This is the first fundraiser since early 2020. We’re really, really desperate and it’s been tough. “

Under every work of art that is part of the silent auction, including those by Dierickx and the donated ones, you can fill out a slip of paper with your name, telephone number and bid price. If a bid is beaten by another bidder, the art gallery will contact you by telephone and give you the opportunity to increase the bid.

The silent auction ends on July 31st. Uncanny Valley is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sundays from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In addition to her paintings, an artist statement by Dierickx can also be seen in the gallery:

“My love for weather phenomena often leads me towards landscapes. The constantly changing atmosphere is fascinating. A blinding storm, a beautiful sunset or a breathtakingly bright day are pictures that I would like to capture, ”she said.

“The beautiful colors, lights and contrasts that appear in the landscape around me are inspirations for me to paint. When I see reflective colors from light hitting an object, it pushes me to pick up a pastel pencil or a spatula. In my emotional reaction to inspiration, I often choose unexpected and exaggerated color relationships in my pictures. It is liberating to let my feelings and my imagination guide me in order to convey my passion to the viewer. “



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