Uncomplicated shipping of art? We asked Johan Skaar, CEO of global logistics company YSDS, how he plans to disrupt the industry


Aerobatics might not seem like the most innovative or glamorous field, but Johan Skaar, the CEO of YSDS, a leading international logistics company, says shipping today is about much more than boxes and edge protectors. YSDS prides itself on its high-tech networks that seamlessly provide unique logistics solutions for arts and science communities.

Johan Skaar, CEO of YSDS.

Skaar leads the company with over 15 years of business development, sales and marketing experience with a focus on the logistics and service industries. We recently spoke to Skaar about everything to do with logistics, from cost transparency to the careful selection of YSDS team members.

If you were to give art collectors your elevator pitch, what would you say in a sentence or two about YSDS Art?
We are an international logistics company that takes an innovative approach to transporting the world’s most valuable works of art with exceptional service and care. With teams in New York, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Hong Kong, we challenge the art logistics industry with a combination of service, quality and technology that brings value to galleries, auction houses and art collectors with a transparent and reliable 24/7 service.

What can YSDS offer art collectors that you feel is of particular value?
We offer collectors full transparency regarding tracking and costs associated with collection, packaging, postage and insurance before purchasing their artworks, giving them a comprehensive overview of all the different factors involved in shipping art. In addition, we deliver your artworks exactly according to your needs and wishes.

Courtesy of YSDS.

Courtesy of YSDS.

Who are some of the experts you have on hand to guide your processes?
Each YSDS Art collaborator has been handpicked for their experience, knowledge and expertise. From crating to air freight to special transportation, the YSDS Art team ensures that every artwork is treated with the utmost craftsmanship and care, and arrives safely and as expected.

The YSDS website says it offers art consulting services that can handle challenging projects. Can you explain that in more detail?
We pride ourselves on finding solutions where others cannot. We are a company that puts our customers first and finds unique and successful logistics solutions, which means we work to find a solution regardless of the time requirements, destination and size of the artwork.

Can you give us some details about your art storage options?
We offer tailor-made short and long-term storage solutions based on the needs of our customers. In line with YSDS’ core value of putting our customers first, we work with them to find the best solution for storing their collection.

What does YSDS have on the horizon for the coming months?
YSDS Art envisions a future where shipping art is no longer a hassle. Our technical solutions are designed to bring transparency to a largely opaque industry and put the power back in the hands of our customers.

Our latest launch provides collectors with accurate and instant shipping quotes, as well as full tracking from collection to delivery. Essentially, what we do is create a “one stop shop” for our customers by offering them a full service package with all the information they need about shipping in one place. This allows them to make the decisions that are most suitable for them. In addition, YSDS Art is also one of the main sponsors of this year’s Armory Show in New York in September this year.

Learn more about YSDS here.

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