WATCH: Two painters dangling from a high-rise in Naples after the platform collapsed


NAPLES, Florida – Two painters working on a high-rise in Naples got caught by a rope when the platform they were working on suddenly collapsed.

“Their swing platform fell out from under them and they hung on the side of the building,” said Lt. Nick Stolts of North Collier Fire Rescue.

The duo were only held up on Wednesday by their safety line, which dangled 14 floors in the air.

“As soon as that thing failed, he was hanging on his safety line about 14 stories,” said Lt. Stolts.

When the firefighters arrived at the Pelican Bay skyscraper, one of the painters was safe inside, but the other was still more than 30 meters in the air.

“He was on his safety line and his own harness, but he was standing, poised on a ten-inch balcony,” said Stolts.

Mark Goldstein lives four floors above where the painter was clinging for his life.

“We got a call from one of our neighbors downstairs who said there was a man on the ledge,” Goldstein said.

He’s the one who caught the fire department ambulance in front of the camera.

“One of our boys went out and did a hand-to-hand rescue and had to jump home to the next ledge,” said Stolts.

The painter was shaken but not injured.

It is unclear what caused the platform to collapse suddenly.


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