Winnipeg artist still painting at 90


A Winnipeg painter still shares her passion after decades in the field.

Artist Joyce Anderson, 90, held an art exhibition and auction at her retirement home on Sunday.

Her love of art began at a young age.

“Dad saw that I could do something, so he got me an easel, some paints and a canvas, and I started painting. I was about 12 or 13 at the time,” Anderson recalls.

During her time as a painter, her works were hung in many art galleries in Winnipeg and even exhibited in the Manitoba Legislature.

Decades later, she still uses the medium to express her feelings.

“I can express a lot because sometimes I can’t express myself in words, but I can in a painting,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s paintings depict a wide variety of images – from landscapes to animals.

Regardless of the theme, each one showcases its unique twist.

“I’m very shy sometimes and I always think I’ll make a mistake. So when I paint I can do whatever I want, you know,” she said.

Anderson became a high school art teacher in the ’70s and continues to teach today, with many of her students taking up paintbrushes for the first time well into their golden years.

“I like to encourage people to try,” Anderson said. “You don’t know until you try. It keeps your brain working and being happy.”

With no sign of stopping, Anderson hopes to continue sharing her gifts and inspiring others for years to come.

“As long as I can,” Anderson said. “If I turn 100 and can still paint by then, I’ll be fine.”


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