Writer urges center to make paintings in Lepakshi. to restore


Narayana Swamy writes to the Union’s Minister for Tourism and Culture, G. Kishan Reddy

Mularam Narayana Swamy, the author of a book on Veerabhadra Swamy Temple in Lepakshi, Anantapur District, wrote a letter on Wednesday to the Union’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, G. Kishan Reddy, calling for measures to be taken to restore the paintings, the the ceiling of the 16th century temple.

“The temple is a testament to the rich culture and history of the Vijayanagara kings who ruled Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The inscriptions suggest that the Veerabhadra Swamy Temple was built by Viroopanna-Veeranna, Brothers of Penukonda, under the auspices of King Achyutadeva Raya between 1529-42 AD. However, the sculptures and paintings in the temple are fading and their restoration is the order of the day to preserve them, ”said Mr. Narayana Swamy. He also tried to get a stamp out so that the meaning of the temple could be spread widely. Lepakshi Temple is a living example of Vijayanagara architecture. There is a painting by Veerabhadra Swamy on the roof of the Maha Mandapa. The 25-foot-long and 15-foot-wide painting is believed to be the largest mural in Asia.

Lord Siva as Bhikshatana Murthy, Veerabhadra Anugraha, Vatapatra Saayi, Bhoo Kailas, Kaala Bhairava, Droupadi Swayamvaram, Kiratarjuniyam, Manu Neeti-Dharma Chola Gaatha, Markandeya Rakshana are some of the famous paintings in the Natya Mandapa and all of them must be protected. he said.

The bhikshatana Murthy is one of the most beautiful sculptures in India, he said, adding that he spent several months researching the location for his book.

The Lepakshi Basavayya, a colossal monolith, is a remarkable work of art from the Vijayanagara era. It is the largest Nandi monolith in India, adorned with bells, garlands, and ornaments, he said.

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