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No wonder that the most diverse city in the country is bursting with creativity. Overflowing is the operative word, as space is always the issue that slows the exuberance of local artists in a region where square footage of floor and wall space is at a premium. There is always an amazing range of arts events planned for artists and art enthusiasts in Jersey City. Galleries large and small organize moving exhibitions, thought-provoking artist talks, moving multidisciplinary performances, and wonderfully inclusive food and news-sharing events. Read on to learn more about the different art galleries in Jersey City and why they should be on your list of things to do in the city.

Jersey City’s art scene

The welcome that awaits newcomers to Jersey City’s art venues is lively and sincere, and stands in sharp contrast to stereotypes about art elites and art world gatekeepers. Gallery directors, curators and gallery staff are likely to greet visitors at the door, exchanging first names while exchanging artful thoughts on how to read a portrait, or the magic of capturing movement as a time-bound meditation on a moment, or perhaps a discussion on on-trend colors ignite and then summon an era. By attending alone, the intrepid art adventurer is only more likely to find a friend experienced in seeing what artists have to say about our time and place in the world.

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When galleries are rented and artists’ subsidized studios don’t have long-term contracts, the investment in the community that these artists and arts organizations bring is in acute jeopardy. Jersey City has a well-described history of this struggle between artists settling in places where they thrived just to get the boot; disturbing and ending too many times, which had been a very good thing.

Civic Support

Jersey Town Hall, along with forward-thinking civic leaders and a host of local artists, are deeply involved in the heavy work required to ensure JC becomes an increasingly supportive place for emerging and emerging artists. We can only hope that the future decades in JC will bring greater stability to the region’s art venues and more resources to the region’s artists. To that end, Mayor Fulop and the Jersey City Arts Council have provided vital support for the arts infrastructure in the form of an annual arts and culture grant fund that will begin to make a significant (albeit incremental) difference in the JC art world(s) every year .

We need solidarity. We need to see each other’s creative endeavors and applaud one another for a job well done when our neighbors’ creative production makes our senses tingle. We need to experience fellowship in some form, preferably one that feels meaningful and is guided by intent. Jersey City visual arts venues are (right now!) offering open invitations to community events that take myriad delightful forms and offer experiences unlike what we’re likely to experience in our daily life routines.

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Our needs for togetherness, creativity and community can now be met by the Jersey City arts community. You can be met for free, without an exclusive invitation or special knowledge. you just have to go

Galleries in Jersey City

What it happens Where is a question that requires constant updates. What follows here is a broad and very incomplete list of fine arts venues that you can follow to experience great happenings. Follow the social media accounts of these arts organizations and join their mailing lists.

Arthouse productions

Arthouse productions

Curious matter | 272 Fifth Street

curious matter

(Image credit: Curious Matter)

outer space | 77 Cornelison Ave

Deep Space Gallery

Dineen Hull Gallery | 70 swallow avenue

Dineen Hull Gallery

(Image credit: Dineen Hull Gallery)

Salons | 926 Newark Ave. No. T107

Gallery Salons

(Image credit: Salons)

Gallery of Fine Arts at the University of St. Peter | 2641 John F. Kennedy Blvd

Gallery of Fine Arts at the University of St. Peter

(Image credit: Fine Arts Gallery at Saint Peter’s University)

Gallery 313 of the Jersey City Art School | 313 Third Street

Gallery 313 of the Jersey City Art School

(Photo Credit: Jersey City Art School Gallery 313)

Lemmerman Gallery at New Jersey City University | 2039 Kennedy Blvd

Lemmerman Gallery at New Jersey City University

(Image credit: New Jersey City University)

Mana Contemporary | 888 Newark Ave

Mana Contemporary

Now project room | 411 Monmouth St

Now Project Space gallery

(Image credit: Now Project Space)

Novado Gallery | 110 Morgan Street

Novado Gallery

(Image credit: Novado Gallery)

Outlander Gallery | 126 Monticello Avenue

Pro Arts Jersey City | 344 Grove Street

Pro Arts Jersey City

(Image credit: Pro Arts Jersey City)

Sky Garden Gallery | 150 Bay Street

Sky Garden Gallery

(Image credit: Sky Garden Gallery)

SMUSH Gallery | 340 Summit Ave

SMUSH gallery

(Image credit: SMUSH Gallery)

Rotunda Art Gallery | 280 Grove Street, 2nd floor

Art Gallery Rotunda

(Image credit: Rotunda Art Gallery)

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Written by Sarah Griesbach

Sarah Hermes Griesbach lives in an apartment in Newport, in the Jersey City zip code, just south of Hoboken Lackawanna Station. A longtime museum educator and culture writer, she uses her location at a crossroads of ferries, trains, subway, light rail, bike and walking paths to explore this creative hub. Hoboken Girl gives Griesbach an excellent opportunity to ask questions and seek answers from the countless creative makers, makers and thinkers that populate our vibrant region. She is always looking for stories about nature, city life and people pushing for a better world.


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